4th OOCUR Conference, 2006 - Grenada

4th Annual Conference
November 2006

Conference Invitation & Package.


  1. Competition, Price and Demand for Telecommunications Services in Jamaica by Carey Anderson - OUR. 
  2. The Applicability of The Glas Cymru Model... by Carol Balkaran - Tariff Analyst/Economist, RIC. 
  3. Technological Advances and Competition in the Telecommunications Sector... by Cheryl Hector - ECTEL. 
  4. Management Incentives and The Water Sector in Trinidad & Tobago by Claude Byer - Tariff Analyst/Economist, RIC. 
  5. From Monopoly to Markets... by Robert M. Clayton III - Missouri Public Service Commission.
  6. Use of Decision Analysis Principles to Enhance Electricity Regulation by David Ince - Electricity Analyst, FTC. 
  7. The Role of the Consumer in Utility Regulation by Devika Nandranie - Consumer Affairs Supervisor, PUC. 
  8. Social Bandwidth for the Caribbean... by Donnie Defreitas - Director of Technical Services, ECTEL. 
  9. Liability for Customer Damage Claims by G.C. Wilson
  10. Pursuing Water Conservation in T&T... by Gordon Wyke - Standards Engineer, RIC. 
  11. International Price Benchmarking by Halvor Sannaes - Tariff Services Director, Teligen. 
  12. The Liberalization of the Telecommunications Sector... by P. Cumberbatch and K. Riviere-Smith. 
  13. System Losses in the Power Sector and... by Keine Read – Engineer, PUC, Guyana. 
  14. Challenges to Regulating a Competitive Market... by Kim V. Griffith-Tang How - Senior Legal Officer, FTC, Barbados. 
  15. Disaster Recovery Planning from a Regulatory Standpoint by Martin Haynes - IT Manager, RIC, T&T. 
  16. Overview of RE Initiatives... by Nigel Hosein - Executive Director, CARILEC. 
  17. Fallacies, Facts and the Future of Revenue Decoupling... by Paul Sotkiewicz - Energy Studies Director, PURC, USA. 
  18. Challenges to Energy by Justice Prem Persaud - Chairman, PUC, Guyana & Secretary/Treasurer, OOCUR. 
  19. Restructuring of Electricity markets in the UK, USA & Bolivia... by Richard Brown - Senior Regulatory Economist, OUR, Jamaica. 
  20. Spectrum Management in a Multi-Island Environment by Roy Humes. 
  21. Regulation of the Solid Waste and Waste Water Sectors... by Sandra L. Setorie - VIPSC. 
  22. Poverty, Gender and Access to Electricity and Water... by Tazhmoye Crawford - Member of CACU, OUR, Jamaica. 
  23. Poverty, Gender and Access to Electricity and Water... by Tazhmoye Crawford - Member of CACU, OUR, Jamaica.
  24. Regulator's Duty to Act Fairly by Wayne McGregor - Legal Officer, OUR, Jamaica. 
  25. The Consumer Perspective... by Yasmin Chong - Chairman, CACU.